Nest Sitting

What do you have to view on your daily commute? Luckily for me there is an eagle nest right next to a major commuting road that goes south to New York City.

When the leaves are off the trees, you get quite a view. These pictures were taken from the side of the highway. Now you are always seeing one parent on or quite close to the nest. A sure sign of eaglets within it.

Since the view is from below the nest, you do not get to see the eaglets until they grow bigger. The tree is looking pretty dead right now on the top, so the nest is more exposed.

Is there something you notice on your daily commute? Do you have something to look forward to seeing? Enjoy your commute and enjoy your weekend.


It’s hard to tell how many eaglets there are in the nest when you look at the back of your camera. I visited this nest two times today. I thought I only saw one head. A couple of times I captured two. However, I was told there are actually three eaglets in this nest. The first may have been born I heard before the end of March. The others may have been the same week or maybe even the last one this week.

Two of the three are visible. Watching the other parent do a fly-by.
Screaming or calling to spouse doing a fly-by. Bring more food, we have three mouths to feed.
You can see one head to the right of the parent.

I am guessing the youngest one is the one I am not seeing. Someone was lucky enough to get all three in a picture. It was a cloudy day, but this is the best time I feel to get eagle pictures as there will be less shadows given where the nest is. Even on cloudy days there are things to see.

Messy Eater

Do animals need bibs when they eat? This eagle looks like he has a fish chunk on his head. Not sure how he got this off.

He still has a part of the fish held down with one talon on the branch. It appears orange in colour. Do you know what it could be?

I came across this eagle on two separate occasions on the same tree that jutted out over a creek in New York. I kayaked within good view of him in a very shady area. Eagles move between bodies of water. There was no nest visible along this creek from one waterfall to another. I will investigate when the leaves fall off to see if I missed something.

What do you think? Are animals messy eaters?

Eagles on Loon Lake

What kind of wildlife can you see on Loon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains? Currently one thing you can see is an active eagle’s nest. This is Loon Lake near Lake George. There is another Loon Lake father north in the ADK.

A summer resident of the lake community who was also kayaking was nice enough to lead me to the nest. Not sure if she wanted me to identify her, but thank you if she ever sees this. The nest is high in a tree on private property next to the lake.

I saw both parents in the same area and one eaglet. The eaglet appears to be about the size of the parents. This one would have been born this year. This was taken from a kayak while there was motorboat traffic. It is not as clear as I would have liked.

Here’s hoping they leave the resident loons alone and do not consider them as a meal option.

New Life

There is new life at one of the local eagle nests overlooking the Hudson River. More branches are obscuring the view this year. This was mid morning and although there was sunlight there was also harsh shadows. As a photographer you secretly wish the people who own the land would trim the neighbouring trees when the eagles are not around in the fall, but you know that would not happen.

Evidently there are two eaglets in the nest this year. I only saw one pop their head up at this nest. This is farthest up it popped.
One of the parents. They were feeding the babies something, but I could not tell what it was. It flew off and returned.

Other eagle’s and hawk’s nests did not survive the high winds we received with storms this winter and early spring. This nest has stood the test of time. Is this eagle a master builder?

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