It’s hard to tell how many eaglets there are in the nest when you look at the back of your camera. I visited this nest two times today. I thought I only saw one head. A couple of times I captured two. However, I was told there are actually three eaglets in this nest. The first may have been born I heard before the end of March. The others may have been the same week or maybe even the last one this week.

Two of the three are visible. Watching the other parent do a fly-by.
Screaming or calling to spouse doing a fly-by. Bring more food, we have three mouths to feed.
You can see one head to the right of the parent.

I am guessing the youngest one is the one I am not seeing. Someone was lucky enough to get all three in a picture. It was a cloudy day, but this is the best time I feel to get eagle pictures as there will be less shadows given where the nest is. Even on cloudy days there are things to see.

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    1. We are lucky in NY. They went from almost extinct -1 nesting pair to over two hundred as of a few years ago. Cleaning up the waterways helped. Before the eggshells were too thin and the eaglets would not live. Once the waterways were cleaned up the brought in a few eagles from another place- maybe Alaska to get the population jump started. There are several nests near me but many are on private land or public and are protected more than this one. Trails on some public land ones near the nests are closed December through July to protect mating season and the young growing up.

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    1. Lots of hills here. However, they come down and perch on tress along the creek and river waiting for fish to go by. If they choose the right tree you can get pretty close. I think people in central New York get some great shots of them via kayaking. It is pretty flat out there.


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