Messy Eater

Do animals need bibs when they eat? This eagle looks like he has a fish chunk on his head. Not sure how he got this off.

He still has a part of the fish held down with one talon on the branch. It appears orange in colour. Do you know what it could be?

I came across this eagle on two separate occasions on the same tree that jutted out over a creek in New York. I kayaked within good view of him in a very shady area. Eagles move between bodies of water. There was no nest visible along this creek from one waterfall to another. I will investigate when the leaves fall off to see if I missed something.

What do you think? Are animals messy eaters?

11 thoughts on “Messy Eater”

      1. Raccoons are smart! While at Girl Scout camp one night we had to sleep in the barn due to an expected lightning storm. I woke up to a loud noise as did the scout master. A raccoon picked the lock on a dumpster we stored our food in coolers at. It had a grand old time. ( It was empty except for our food in coolers).

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      2. That’s a great story :), amazing but I’m not surprised. Raccoons have a strong survival instinct, they are very clever and fearless! I’m glad you had some food left in the coolers!

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  1. As I was walking back to my house this morning, I heard a clunk and couldn’t work out what it was, then I spotted a crow in the tree above who had just dropped a conker on the bus shelter, so yes, messy eaters!

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