Beacon Murals

Do you like murals? Do you like animals? One type of expression in the artsy town of Beacon, NY to see are some of the murals around town. The ones pictured below are on one building in a park. Three were taken on a cloudy day as they appeared better photos than the ones I took on a sunny day.

My personal favourite. I am partial to owls.

These are part of a community project led by the artist Joel Pimentel. I think the artwork is very well done. I hope you enjoy it.

I am guessing this is a llama.

Which one is your favourite? I love all of them. I like the owl one best because it is, well, an owl. Need I say more?

30 thoughts on “Beacon Murals”

  1. Wowed by all. All beautiful. The Owl’s background setting makes it stand out best. πŸ‘
    I also love the detailsβ€” fallen leaves, goose flying … on the Wolf. Splendid. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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    1. I saw one in the woods a few times over two years ago. At the start of the pandemic really. I was watching owls and it kept creeping up behind me like it was trying to figure out what I was looking at. Another time he sauntered on a trail past me with a rabbit in its mouth. I was sitting on a big rock just off the trail. He did not notice me at first. I said hey! It just looked at me and they jogged away.

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