Woodstock- New Paltz Arts and Crafts Fair

Do you need something to do this weekend? About 1.5 hours north of NYC by car is New Paltz, N.Y. Head to the New Paltz- Woodstock Craft Show at the Ulster County Fairgrounds.

This event run the entire Memorial Day Weekend. There is plenty of parking in the fields across the street. The rural road the fairgrounds is on does not get much traffic, so crossing with the fairgrounds staff is safe.

As with other craft fairs this event has food and drink vendors and many arts and crafts vendors under tents. At events like this, I have found the arts and crafts people are not always keen on having photos taken of their products, so I only included the one below.

Window with a Mason jar imbedded in it.

Bar Fiore

Bar Fiore is a fresh cut flower bar fashioned from a horse trailer. They told me they get their flowers from two farms in the Rochester area. I picked out a few flowers and had them pick out the others and they arranged them into a bouquet I gave to my mother. Bar Fiore can be rented for private events. Their website is http://www.barfioreflowercity.com.


DragonFly Jams and Jellies

DragonFly Jams and Jellies from Youngstown, NY.

Dragonfly allowed you to sample their products. I bought the cherry amaretto. I loved their display. I believe they had two choices with some heat to it. Dragonfly is based in Youngstown, NY.


Mina Saffron

Mina Saffron carries saffron from Afghanistan. Saffron is a spice, but it has health benefits. It benefits the nervous system, the immune system and metabolism which may lead to weight loss. The family selling the product at the booth are recent refugees.

Some other vendors

Be Still is carrying handmade soaps and all natural mosquito spray. They have soaps such as Berry and Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree. They are based out of Pleasant Valley.


Horton House Scone Company makes gluten free baked goods. They had scones, muffins and some other items. They are based out of Amenia, NY.

La Shot Photography is a repeat vendor at the event. He carries prints, framed prints, and canvas prints from England, Ireland, France and other places. I am partial to his images of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, England and others the Cotswolds region of England.


For More information

You can buy tickets at the gate. This event happens twice a year at the same location: Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. It is a great event to attend and there are many other things to do in the area. For more information click on the link below:

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is fairing well with the recent cold weather and in some cases blizzard conditions experienced in the US and Canada. I hope all those without electricity or heat get it restored soon.

I decided to try to make some fun images. The above is one of them. I will make two separate posts tonight. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza! Happy New Year!

Beacon Murals

Do you like murals? Do you like animals? One type of expression in the artsy town of Beacon, NY to see are some of the murals around town. The ones pictured below are on one building in a park. Three were taken on a cloudy day as they appeared better photos than the ones I took on a sunny day.

My personal favourite. I am partial to owls.

These are part of a community project led by the artist Joel Pimentel. I think the artwork is very well done. I hope you enjoy it.

I am guessing this is a llama.

Which one is your favourite? I love all of them. I like the owl one best because it is, well, an owl. Need I say more?

Tie Dye Tuesdays at Assateague State Park

There is more than wild horses on the beach at Assateague. Every Tuesday during the summer at Assateague State Park they have Tie Dye Tuesdays after dinner and before dark. This is one activity the whole family can take part in.

Rubber Banding It

First you buy a shirt from the park at a nominal fee or bring your own. Next, you get the shirt wet under a faucet. Then, they have a printed guide on hand with examples to show you different patterns you can make via tie dye and how you would arrange the shirt and band it.

This was one of the ways to band the shirt.
As you can see this one was more in a circle kind of shape.
Applying the Dye

You can either use a squeeze container filled with dye to squirt on the fabric.

Or you can dunk all or a portion of the shirt into a bucket filled with dye.

If you fill in the gaps with as much dye as you can you are more likely to have less white in your final product.

They had the option after you bought their shirt of having an Assateague 2022 stamp applied to the shirt.

The end result. What a cool shirt! It appeared fun was had by all who participated. If you are camping at the state park side of Assateague, Maryland, try Tie Dying a shirt on Tuesdays. It is a colourful way to remember your stay.

Barn Quilts of Ontario

What are barn quilts? Barn quilts are usually involve a large board or piece of metal that is painted to resemble one block from a quilt. These are hung on the sides of barns.

Many places have barn quilt trails with maps you can follow. The province of Ontario has barn quilt trails in several areas throughout the province.

Don’t ask me where this group was specifically. I was following the GPS from Forest, Ontario near Sarnia going east towards Toronto. The GPS did not take me back to the major highways running east towards Toronto until somewhere west of London. I think one of the roads was Elginfield. I believe it is the North MiddleSex Barn Quilt Trail. I do not think all the barn quilts are pictured on the website.

Double Poppy at the Hueston Biduke Farm on 98 Main Street, Ailsa Craig

For more information this website shows you where the barn quilt trails are in Ontario, Canada:

https://barnquilttrails.ca/maps/ontario/ .

Monger’s Market Finds

Monger’s Market is a vintage warehouse in Bridgeport, Ct. It is only open on Sundays. It can be closed on Sundays that are holidays. They have a variety of items you can see on their Facebook page. Some items are new while many are vintage or repurposed. These are just some of the items that caught my eye.

It appears to be modelled on an 18th Century outfit for a Scottish Highlanders regiment.. The socks resemble those of the 42 Highlanders. Feel free to correct me though if you know otherwise. This was actually in the neighbourhood of 3 feet high.
This is fancier than most antique phones I have seen.
A very unique locker lamp
Old bed twin bed head and foot frame
I really loved the colours on this lamp base.
Old Camera- I had to take a picture of this!

They have a small lot on premises and there is on street parking. I have heard it is better to get their early to get a parking spot.

Overall I would say this is worth a Sunday trip. Check their website or facebook page to make sure they are open or view some of the items they have.

Facebook page:




Funny Signs- Walkens Welcome

Phone Photo

I found this sign in Kingston, NY. It was in front of a donut shop next to a barber shop. It is a play on words using the actor Christopher Walken’s name. I love it when shops have unique signage. Don’t you?

Minions Hay Bale Art

Happy Fall! I bring you hay bale art from New York. The minions are standing up for the pumpkins this year. They also want Dunkin Donuts to bring back Butter Pecan. Go out and enjoy the decorations! I think you will be surprised how creative your neighbours are.

Catskill Cats

What is another town with street art for a cause? It is Catskill, NY. What did Catskill choose for artists to decorate? Cats or course. This street art event is called Cat’N Around Catskill. These cats will be up for auction soon to raise money for local charities. If you are traveling north to see foliage in September stop by Catskill.

Lego My Cat
My Fair Kitty
Steampunk Kitty
Cat Toy
Police A Cat-emy
Meals on Wheels- for those outside the US, Meals on Wheels is a charity that delivers meals to elderly and those with mobility issues.
Spring Break
Celtic Kitty
Tag You’re It
Kitty Le Pew

There are many more cats on display other than these and even a visiting owl from Coxsackie. If you are interested in any of these cats, or the others in the auction, place a bid. While in Catskill you can stop in the antique shops and eat at the fine local establishments.

Oaxacan Cat

I think they had many talented entries in this event. I do not show all of them in case you would like to discover them on your own.. Which cat was your favourite?

For more information:

Postbox Graffiti

I found this postbox on a Manhattan street. It is a positive message from a sidewalk poet, 7 Souls Deep. While you are out and about check your surroundings. Sometimes there are positive messages out there for you to find.

Stay healthy and stay safe! For more information check out 7SoulsDeep Instagram page:


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