Toasty Sandwich Shop Mural

It is not everyday that you get to witness an artist painting a mural. This week I was able to catch one after work. His name is Gabriel Castillo.
He made this mural for a business in Yonkers, N.Y.

Yonkers borders the Bronx on the north side next to the Hudson River. Yonkers is a city that has been friendly to muralists. They have some murals on building walls near the main Yonkers Train Station.

Gabriel Castillo, besides being a muralist, is a comic book artist. I caught him on the tail end of working on his mural, and felt lucky to witness his work.

Gabriel is here proudly showing off his work. If you like this, check out his work on Instagram at:

He works for LiteVisual. They make Spanish language comic books. You can check them out at the link below:

Keep your eyes open and notice your surroundings. You just may catch an artist at work. Have a great end of your week.

Beacon Murals

Do you like murals? Do you like animals? One type of expression in the artsy town of Beacon, NY to see are some of the murals around town. The ones pictured below are on one building in a park. Three were taken on a cloudy day as they appeared better photos than the ones I took on a sunny day.

My personal favourite. I am partial to owls.

These are part of a community project led by the artist Joel Pimentel. I think the artwork is very well done. I hope you enjoy it.

I am guessing this is a llama.

Which one is your favourite? I love all of them. I like the owl one best because it is, well, an owl. Need I say more?

Clayton Murals

Do you need a vacation location this summer? Are you planning on trips closer to home? If you live in the Northeast one option is a visit to the Thousand Islands area of New York. One beautiful town right on the St. Lawrence River is Clayton, NY.

Besides a really nice walkway along the river in town, this town has some interesting murals to view. Below are the ones I found.

A modern ship mural by Kelly Curry.
Back in the day the railroads brought many tourists up to Clayton. This was a long mural close to another building so I had to take photos in sections. Mural by Kelly Curry.
Picture two- Kelly Curry Mural
Picture 3 Kelly Curry Mural

The back of the same building.
Another modern ship by Kelly Curry

By the end of June, Clayton was in phase four ahead of areas in New York City, the Hudson Valley , and Long Island in opening up. Museums were about to open in the area in June. Most places are open for business including boat tours.

If you visit the Thousand Islands or plan to take a tour or fishing boat out of Clayton, wander around the town. They have wonderful shops, nice restaurants, a walkway on the river, and beautiful murals depicted the area.

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