Minions Hay Bale Art

Happy Fall! I bring you hay bale art from New York. The minions are standing up for the pumpkins this year. They also want Dunkin Donuts to bring back Butter Pecan. Go out and enjoy the decorations! I think you will be surprised how creative your neighbours are.

11 thoughts on “Minions Hay Bale Art”

    1. I did not make this. A family in New York has made Minions displays the prior past two years. I went by their house today and I did not see a new display up yet. I have posts about the one last year and the one two years before this year. It looks like from the pictures they used steel rods to hold up the arms or as part of the arms.


      1. Thanks for your reply. I made these a few years ago and used heavy wire- it was very difficult to get through the bale! I’ve been asked to make them again and was hoping for an easier solution!

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      2. Oh! Looking closer, maybe it’s a yellow hose??? I see the rods holding the arms up, but maybe a hose would work!!
        Thank you for keeping up with this!!

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      1. Laura, they just put a new display up. I hope to post their new display in a post tonight. No one was there when I rang the doorbell. I took close ups of what they did in the back. They appear to use stiff thin steel wire that is pushed into the hay bale to attach the arms. I think the arms are the steel wire but with material wrapped around it.


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