Hay Bale Halloween

What do farmer’s do this time of year when they are bored? Some make hay bale art. What is hay bale art? When someone gets a bales of hay, arranges them to make an object, and paints them. The hay bales used can be cylindrical, cube, or rectangular prism-shaped. This art is more popular in farming states like Montana, but it is also popular in parts of Australia. Here are some examples I found in the Hudson Valley of New York. Happy Halloween!

This one appears to be made of rectangular prism shaped hay bales.
The rest of these are formed using rolled up or cylinder-shaped hay bales.

23 thoughts on “Hay Bale Halloween”

  1. Those are wonderful. In my village, some families have done pumpkin displays and a contest to placate the kids who can’t go trick or treating this year. One pumpkin is eating a head made of a tiny carved orange peel. It’s inspired.

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    1. We have one l as the pumpkin carving display they let open. It is massive and they limit how many can go during certain hours based on online only ticket sales. The largest and most highly rated haunted experience – The Headless Horseman changed to a drive through experience. We had trick or treating in school. They did it Friday for the B day kids and and are doing it again Monday for the A day kids. The kids go class to class when called. The teachers are giving out candy with gloves on. Most families did not send their kids out. It was allowed in NY. I did not get any last night. Meanwhile they broke up a large party of 20 somethings – I think several hundred attendees. This is the group more likely to spread it here. They are the least likely to follow social distancing.

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    1. We have had a pretty dry fall. Having been over there, I understand stand what you are saying. I think that is why parts of Australia do this as well. I like seeing the traditions in other places that make them unique. I know haunted walks are popular in some places in your neck of the woods. I know they are popular in York even in summer.


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