Forest Drama- Hawk

I have heard this weird squawk of a hawk the past few weeks in the woods. I have only seen the hawk on its own. Honestly the squawk is not exactly like the sounds I am hearing on different websites for a Cooper’s Hawk. I hear barred owls make sounds I do not hear on websites either though.

The hawk above is the original one I hear making the odd sound. In different light it appears to fit a Copper’s Hawk. It has orangish eyes and a blueish grey feathers on the back.

This one was with the original hawk on the same branch/ tree. This one was silent. I could not tell for sure, but it looked like it had prey by its feet. Something is coming out of its mouth on the left side.

In this light it looks like this second one has a blueish grey area on its back as well. I am guessing these are now a pair. Other hawks flying overhead in the same area were red tailed hawks. It seems like there are other birds of prey in the area this year. It may be why I am hearing less bluejays, etc.

I could hear this hawk constantly on my walk when I got within earshot. I think Mettatsunami was correct. It was looking for a mate. Keep enjoying your weekend!


Name the hawk. Is it a red shouldered? A cooper’s hawk? The light situation was bad. Ad on top of it I just started using the Merlin Bird Identification App. and Merlin could not identify its call. I also could not get a picture of its back. It was facing me next to a hiking trail with its back to a busy road, so the recording I tried to make was not good quality with cars passing by.

This guy must not have been in hunting mode. He is giving himself away with his call.
Looks like he is going to fall over here.

It sounds kind of like this call from All About Birds, A Red Shouldered.

So, what’s your verdict? I am leaning towards red-shouldered because its call is closer than the ones I hear of the Copper’s Hawk. Regardless, is it a juvenile? Obviously, I am not a bird expert.

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