Forest Drama- Hawk

I have heard this weird squawk of a hawk the past few weeks in the woods. I have only seen the hawk on its own. Honestly the squawk is not exactly like the sounds I am hearing on different websites for a Cooper’s Hawk. I hear barred owls make sounds I do not hear on websites either though.

The hawk above is the original one I hear making the odd sound. In different light it appears to fit a Copper’s Hawk. It has orangish eyes and a blueish grey feathers on the back.

This one was with the original hawk on the same branch/ tree. This one was silent. I could not tell for sure, but it looked like it had prey by its feet. Something is coming out of its mouth on the left side.

In this light it looks like this second one has a blueish grey area on its back as well. I am guessing these are now a pair. Other hawks flying overhead in the same area were red tailed hawks. It seems like there are other birds of prey in the area this year. It may be why I am hearing less bluejays, etc.

I could hear this hawk constantly on my walk when I got within earshot. I think Mettatsunami was correct. It was looking for a mate. Keep enjoying your weekend!

Red Tailed Hawk

I am doing overtime from January- March at least. December showed me you cannot take your health for granted. I do not have much time to take photos. Many times on the weekends it has been cloudy before sunset. After work it is usually dark or close to it by the time I get home.

I only saw the red tailed hawk up close this time. The short eared owls only came up after 4 and stayed far away. It was a very overcast day and it was not long before sunset, so the light is not good and they are not sharp.

This one wanted to be the star. It landed on the pole close to the parking lot for a while. Then it flew right over me and landed on the refugee’s latrine chimney. Then it flew on top of a bird house. All the while it was close to people and did not seem to care.

Don’t take your health for granted. Get out and walk! Enjoy nature. Be around people who are positive.

Harrier Hawk

I have to combine my walks with where I may most likely see wildlife. This harrier is in the same area I have seen the arctic short-eared owls. This guy probably stole the owl’s prey a few times.

We have no snow on the ground presently. I am not seeing that as necessarily a bad thing. It is cold this week. Possibly the lack of snow makes it easier for the harriers and owls to catch voles. If you stop long enough at this location you can see or hear the voles moving around in the grass.

These shots are taken at a distance and are heavily cropped. It was close to sunset.

Get out an enjoy the weather when it allows. Exercise and fresh air are good for the soul.

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