Name the hawk. Is it a red shouldered? A cooper’s hawk? The light situation was bad. Ad on top of it I just started using the Merlin Bird Identification App. and Merlin could not identify its call. I also could not get a picture of its back. It was facing me next to a hiking trail with its back to a busy road, so the recording I tried to make was not good quality with cars passing by.

This guy must not have been in hunting mode. He is giving himself away with his call.
Looks like he is going to fall over here.

It sounds kind of like this call from All About Birds, A Red Shouldered.


So, what’s your verdict? I am leaning towards red-shouldered because its call is closer than the ones I hear of the Copper’s Hawk. Regardless, is it a juvenile? Obviously, I am not a bird expert.

20 thoughts on “Hawk”

    1. Ha! Some people do not want their picture taken. I would rather take pictures of anything besides people. Parades are one thing and public celebrations. If a student plays sports they should not tell a photographer covering them not to take their picture. People are odd these days. They are all over social media posting everything including pictures, but if they are at a public event they get mad at people covering it.


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