Green Heron

What is one sign of a healthy body of water? If there is an abundance of wildlife it is more likely to be healthy.

A local body of water had many invasive plants cover the surface. There was a lack of wildlife on this body of water due to little clear view of it. The town is having someone pull up the weeds with a machine on a boat. He is making pathways and the wildlife is returning.

The green heron is just one of the birds you can now see on this lake/ pond along a creek.

This heron caught a little fish.
He paraded around with it before he ate it. I think he may have been showing off for me, which I have no problem with.

These herons were along the pathway cleared by the machine, but in the weeded areas right off it. I have other birds outside these areas. Towns and cities try to keep invasive species down in your bodies of water. The wildlife will appreciate it.

27 thoughts on “Green Heron”

  1. Such a handsome bird. We have a large pond on our road and it has large bullrushes growing around the edge. There are swans on the pond and sometimes I wonder if the bullrushes will grow into the pond but they never do.

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    1. That is good. We had one lonely adult swan today. Its mate was killed this week somehow. This plant they remove and it keeps growing back. The man removing them says a large lake in the Adirondacks has approved a natural weed killer that supposedly will not harm the wildlife. He also said there are fish that will eat these plants, but they cost a lot of money.

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      1. That is sad about the solitary swan! We have two swans on the big pond but this year they have no cygnets.they usually have at least two.It is possible that a predator ate the eggs or snapping turtles got them when they were young on the water.

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      2. There were maybe 8-10 young swans on another section of this lake. They could be related. The last time I went to this lake a few weeks ago the adult swans were hanging out on the creek that leads into this lake and there were several then. The man who cleans. the lake says he picked up a very large snapping turtle. That could have been the culprit. Eagles are nearby. I also saw a great blue heron with an injured leg.

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      1. It seems to depend where they are. Ones who go to a pond in a park are okay with you if you are alone and quiet. When people talking loudly come they leave. On a busy lake I saw the same result. When I am the only person kayaking this lake and go slow and stop and don’t move on the kayak they seem to ignore me. I still keep a distance, but can get better views from a kayak since they stick near the water’s edge or plants edge.

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