Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Here is another bird I saw one a local body of water that they are working to clear of invasive plants. It is bigger than the green heron, but much smaller than the egret. This is a juvenile little blue heron.

There were no signs of any adults around. So this heron must be on his own now. Juveniles are all white with a two toned bill. An adult little blue heron is blue-grey with a purple-maroon head and neck.

Focusing on what is under him in the water.
I did not see him catch anything at this location.
He is at another location to try to catch something.
Sticking to the edge of where the water has been cleared to fish.

This bird is either in a bad mood or intensely focused.

He did not seem to spot any fish.
No fish. He had to settle for a dragonfly.

Again I want to thank the local municipality for attempting to remove the invasive plants. I understand this bird is a short visitor in our area. It may only show up for a week before it moves on. Removing the plants ensures it had a spot locally to make a layover.

19 thoughts on “Juvenile Little Blue Heron”

      1. Invasive plants seem to just take over! I was at my dad’s recently and there is this vine thing that was trying to grow on everything! It took over a walnut tree, a trailer, and was just going!! We yanked out as much as we could. I love that they are removing the invasive plants where you were. Pretty cool that wildlife is returning.

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  1. Thanks for teaching me something I did not know about herons. I saw my first little blue last year at a preserve near Houston, and thought it was so pretty. Amazing how these little whites transform into little blues.

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