Green Heron

What is one sign of a healthy body of water? If there is an abundance of wildlife it is more likely to be healthy.

A local body of water had many invasive plants cover the surface. There was a lack of wildlife on this body of water due to little clear view of it. The town is having someone pull up the weeds with a machine on a boat. He is making pathways and the wildlife is returning.

The green heron is just one of the birds you can now see on this lake/ pond along a creek.

This heron caught a little fish.
He paraded around with it before he ate it. I think he may have been showing off for me, which I have no problem with.

These herons were along the pathway cleared by the machine, but in the weeded areas right off it. I have other birds outside these areas. Towns and cities try to keep invasive species down in your bodies of water. The wildlife will appreciate it.

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