Paradox Lake

Want a great place to paddle your canoe of kayak for the day in the Adirondack Mountains? Looking for a place to get on the water in the Lake George- Schroon Lake area? Then head to Paradox Lake.

Paradox Lake

Paradox Lake is on Route 74 in Paradox, NY. To get there take the Northway or Route 87 to Exit 28. Take 74 east about 4 miles to the campground. There is a small entrance fee for day use if you are going to kayak or canoe.

Click on this link to see a map of the lake:

Boat Launch was near the end of the smaller section of the lake on the eastern end.

The boat launch is a short drive from the entrance booth. It has ample parking. I saw more kayaks going in and out then motor boats. Bathrooms are up the road in the campground from the boat launch in the beach area where they rent kayaks and canoes.

This is the entrance to what joins the two sections of the lake together.

The part of the lake the launch is on is much smaller than the other part of the lake. I decided to go through the narrow canal like connection to the larger part of the lake. I heard from fishermen on the way that eagles liked to hang out in the tall pine trees at the end of where this meets the larger part of the lake, but I had no luck that day. I was also told by others that eagles were known to be at this lake. This lake seems to be known for trout and they are trying to introduce inland salmon I read on one of the sites.

Looking into the larger section of the lake.

This is the larger part of the lake. It was windy at times, so I only explored a section of it.

This is the entrance back into the passageway heading towards the smaller section of the lake. I did not see too many boats out on the lake. Sometimes when there is a large state campgrounds on a lake there is a lot of traffic and little wildlife to be seen. Because this lake is pretty big- at least 4 miles in length, there are not as many people as one would think. There are also a few homes along the lake.

Overall I highly recommend this lake. The boat launch, parking situation, and the chance to see wildlife are all benefits in my book.

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