Autumn Birds

Have you ever felt you missed out on something? I missed the peak of leaf season. These were taken maybe 1-2 weeks after peak. When I arrived at the lake there was a thick fog. Maybe 15 minutes later it started thinning out.

Great blue heron when the fog was lifting.
Do all gulls look this peeved? Maybe he’s not looking forward to going south?
The swans were flying circles around the lake. Usually you only seeing them swimming. Could they be getting themselves in shape to fly south?

The swan has some hitchhikers on it. The black objects attached to it’s body are what locals call bull’s heads or steer’s heads. They have multiple sharp points. They are not fun to step on.

Swan wing noise in flight from Cornell Lab of Ornithology MacCaulay Library

or here :

Get out and enjoy the conditions while you can. It will be winter before you know it.

Obsessed Bird

This bird has an obsession with my neighbour’s motorcycle mirror. He rotates around the mirror looking at himself and pecking at the bird he thinks he sees. I guess photos do not tell the whole story here. The bird does this everyday.

Sunny Day
Sunny day
Cloudy day
This bird has yet to figure out what he sees is indeed himself. I am just concerned he does not hurt himself with the frequent pecking at this mirror.
He has been doing this every day for weeks.

Moral of the story: things are not always what they seem or appearances can be deceiving.

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