Best Outdoor Seating During Covid

I have seen a lot of different set ups for outdoor seating in NYC. I made a post about some of them 1-2 years ago. This one that I came across a few months ago is my favourite one.

They put this one inside an old bus. I guess this may be easier than constructing one out of wood that you would have to eventually remove. When the time comes, they can drive this one away to another location. Having this inside a bus negates having to put up barriers.

This was nice to see despite the dreary, rainy day.

I believe this was on 8th Avenue north of 34th Street and south of Times Square. It could have been on a different avenue though.

I think this was a creative take on outdoor seating that made the dining experience more unique. What do you think?

Outdoor Dining in NYC

What are the COVID rules for eating out in NYC? If you want to eat inside a restaurant you need to show proof of vaccination. Otherwise, you can order take out or it appears eat outside. A lot of restaurants in NYC have built outdoor structures to accommodate diners for distancing.

Many have plants to give diners more privacy and to make the space more eye appealing. Many have roofs and or windows.

Some have decorative lighting and heat in colder weather.
Diners are well camouflaged here.
Some like this one have barriers between diners so they can fit more within the structure.
This restaurant made booth seating. They had separate spaces for each table. Each table was within its own room.
This one has a pergola feel.

If you are coming to NYC, be aware of the rules. You can only eat inside if you are fully vaccinated. Come out and support these local restaurants. Many others did not survive the lockdowns.

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