Hawk on Chimney

Do red tailed hawks have a sense of smell? This one makes me wonder. One of the hawk’s go to spots to perch is on top of a wildlife refuge’s latrine chimney.

I call this hawk Diva, because it seems to want all the attention at the refuge. It seemingly poses for photographers.

These were taken yesterday. It was sunny, but very windy and frigid. What do you think? Do hawks have a sense of smell?

26 thoughts on “Hawk on Chimney”

  1. Some days when I was working full time and didn’t want to interact with co-workers in the afternoon, I would have lots of onion with my sandwich at lunch. Maybe this hawk has the same subtle sense of “stay away from me” thought while roosting over the latrine. Of course, if a bird eats road kill, does one think a latrine would smell worse?

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    1. Ha! Considering hawks will eat dead animals, including skunk, am not not sure I believe they have a sense of smell. This hawk literally went from a post close to the parking lot to a latrine chimney in the parking lot. It had many acres to avoid people. This one is a diva.


  2. Lovely details in the photos You aimed it well. Wow.
    … and yes, I’m pretty sure they can smell. And they know what smell they like. There’s no accounting for taste 🤷🏻‍♀️ thanks for sharing 👏

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    1. I don’t even know how anyone can answer that for sure. I know he sits on fence posts in the fields to look for ground movement. I did see him fly from a pole to the ground. He probably caught a vile because he was in the tall grass on the ground for a while. He also flies over the girls scanning and drops to catch things on the ground.

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  3. Not sure about smell tolerance for birds in general. Toilet lids are always up in these outhouses and therefore the stink never escapes through the exhaust pipe as intended. So, the feathers of this hawk are spared from absorbing sewer odors. 😃

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