Red Tailed Hawk on Sign

I don’t think this red tailed hawk was named by anyone, but I am going to call it Diva. Why? It has no problem being around people and will seemingly try to get the attention of the people taking wildlife pictures or with binoculars watching wildlife.

Maybe the hawk is trying to remind everyone to be on good behaviour. Only certain trails are open in winter due to the visitors from far up north.

If I had Google Translate set Hawk to English: This is a reminder. The area behind me is only for wildlife. Humans stay on the other side of the sign. Some wildlife sleep during the day on the ground.

Despite today being a very windy, frigid day it was great to see the hawk. I had to take numerous in the car breaks with the heat running. Frigid days can still be fruitful days.

15 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawk on Sign”

  1. A very large hawk has been visiting our yard recently. I looked at him through binoculars but wasn’t sure what kind he was. Looking at your photos, I’m sure he was a red tail. Our other birds were NOT happy. At one point a pair of crows chased him away.

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    1. If you are feeding birds, some hawks stalk the feeders to pick off one. Crows usually complain and chase hawks and great horned owls. Sometimes I am sure they remember them eating one of their own. At this location is was a field of a lot of acreage and a lot of voles. Sometimes he flies to the top of bird houses though and waits.

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