Gingerbread Mug Topper

Run, run as fast as you can… you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man.

from The Gingerbread Man

I found a cute product in a local shop after Thanksgiving. I always like to find unique objects. This is a Gingerbread Mug Topper. It is made by Rustic Bakery in Petaluma, California. (I do not get paid for this blog post).

What makes these stand out is they are made to hang on paper cups or thin mugs. I found a thicker mug will not take the arm. Above it goes down part of the way on the cup.

On the picture above I used a paper cup. It seemed to work well on the paper cup. The arm goes further down the cup to hold it in place.

I don’t consider gingerbread men to be just a Christmas thing. I associate it with winter. I think it goes well with hot chocolate. Are you a fan of the Gingerbread Man?

9 thoughts on “Gingerbread Mug Topper”

  1. Did you drink the coffee drinks? Shots of expresso in them? I used to like the frappes, lattes and such, but the sugar and sweetness got to be too much. Now, just dark roast coffee, whole bean ground when needed. And a dash of creme.

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    1. For this one I made hot chocolate in the mug. I like the smell of coffee, just not the taste. The one in the cup was tea. I am a tea drinker for sure. I do like London Fog which is a tea latte, but I usually use almond milk. I only do a latte once a day, if that. Otherwise it’s plain tea.


  2. Cute 😍. I pray that you will receive love and joy this Christmas season and the New Year. Thank you for your kind support throughout this year and I am looking forward to see you next year.

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    1. We all need love and joy! Add to that peace! Too many are into creating drama and addicted to hating those who are different from themselves in a variety of way: race, religion, ethnic origin, political views, disability, etc.wishing you peace, love and joy in the new year!


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