Playing with Food

This green heron I was lucky enough to see kayaking a lake after work. At times you can see multiple green herons. I took these pictures before sunset. It almost looks like the heron is playing with its food, but it takes time to manoeuvre the fish from spearing it to getting it in its mouth.

Right after this picture another green heron swooped in and appeared to grab the fish.

Don’t discount the time before sunset. These pictures were taken at 12800 ISO. I expected these to end up grainier than they were. Get out and enjoy the sunny days. Colder days are on the way.

9 thoughts on “Playing with Food”

  1. Great series…big fish for a Green heron. They and all fish eating water birds swallow the fish head first so the fins fold down as they swallow it…otherwise it will get stuck. The R5 is a fantastic camera with high ISO.

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    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I did not get to witness it swallow the fish. Another heron came along and when it left after the commotion this one was lacking the fish. It does seem rather big for it. I actually think this bird swiped the fish from a turtle’s back. I was taking a picture of the turtle when I sensed the heron approaching. Later when I looked at the turtle picture I noticed the fish on its neck/ shell area. I think I missed out on that a possible shot, but I am very impressed that these were not grainy as I would expect.


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