Great Blue Heron

Is this a baby? I had heard one baby was out of the nest. What do you think? The story is these herons fight a lot. One may have fallen out. If this is a baby it is doing better than its siblings still in the nest. Sink of swim it is feeding itself it appears. I did not see the parents drop anything off for this one. I visited this one by kayak.

It was at the water’s edge at low tide.
It appeared to be about the same size as the ones in the nest. It did not fly, but stayed in the mud flats area at the water’s edge. It seemed unfazed by me.
This may be the same one later on in the day. It stayed on a pile of wood at the water’s edge. It did not fly and spent most of the time preening.

What is your verdict? Youngster? Or not?

31 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron”

    1. You have seen a lot more than I have. I have only seen green herons on one lake in Connecticut. Great blues are very common around here. They can be from time to time food for the eagles. There is a nest a short flight away with two babies. Sometimes the adults fly here to catch fish and birds.

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      1. I saw the Green Heron in Arizona, the Little Blue Heron in Texas, the Black-crowned Nigh Heron in Utah, as well as the Great Blue. And I forgot the White Heron also called the Great Egret, which I saw in Arizona and Texas. Lots of herons!

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  1. Yes, this is a young one. Certainly old enough to fend for himself too. We have a large number here, rookeries around us that we photograph every year. Nice photos, and yeah they fight constantly and at times the best thing is for a young one to leave before it gets hurt.

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      1. We are lucky to have a large rookery just down the road, in a swamp on an old southern plantation. Herons and Egrets have nested there for hundreds of years. Audubon made some of his drawings here when first illustrating birds, and of course those famous Great Egret paintings.

        I went to the plantation yesterday morning and bumped into multiple Herons, most too close for my usual telephoto lens. Hope to publish some in the next day or so. These big birds will ignore photographers since they were raised in this rookery staring at big lens 😂🤣😂

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