Buck With Velvety Antlers

Bucks are rare to come across on a hike in New York. It is rare to even see them when driving. You normally will see does and fawns. I am excited I got the chance two times to see this guy from a distance on hikes before sunset.

It appears he has an outer velvety coating on his antlers. They almost look glued on or fake. I wonder if this is a teenager or full grown adult. Anyone have any idea? I have seen it with one other deer, a female both times. If you are in the U. S. enjoy your bank holiday tomorrow (Juneteenth) if you have off.

20 thoughts on “Buck With Velvety Antlers”

  1. From what I have seen, later on in the season that velvet rubs off – or they rub it off by scratching against trees – and it hangs in strips. It looks gory and red when it is fresh. It amazes me still that deer grow antlers each year – it seems such a lot of energy used to make something that just falls off at the end of the season.

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  2. When you say NY and all I imagine are the sprawling skyscrapers. Picturing wildlife and my mind goes to Will Smith’s movie, I am legend. 😊 Over the top I know.
    Anyway, thanks to this post, I know better now. Have a great day, Sharon!

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