Flying Owlets

This week I got to see the babies a few times. They are like little children on sugar when they are awake. They fly from branch to branch following each other. It looks like they are chasing each other in a game of tag. They don’t linger on trees too long before they take flight again while they are awake.

Peek-A-Boo! A baby barred owlet in view and one of its siblings hiding behind some leaves.
Sibling flew off.
Perched on a broken branch.
Flying from tree to tree.
Screeching for food. At least one of them got either a mole or vole that night.


Click on the audio file below to hear the noise barred owlets make.

Good-bye baby owl!

Do owlets have ADHD? With all the flying they do while they are awake I wonder how many rodents their parents need to catch for them a day.

16 thoughts on “Flying Owlets”

    1. They certainly move around a lot and don’t stay in one location long. It made me think of it. I’m actually a safe distance away. The closest I have been to an owl was I got to have one on my arm ( with falconer’s items) at a castle in England. I also saw up close, but did not touch a screech owl at a nature center they let me photograph.

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      1. I have had a falcon perch on a gloved hand in Abu Dhabi and gently touched her breast feathers – so soft. We have great horned owls around us – I definitely keep a safe distance from those fantastic predators.

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