Butterflies of Saugerties

,A street art event the doubles as a fund raiser is running from Memorial Day to Labor Day in Saugerties, NY. Artists decorated fibreglass butterfly bodies with plywood wings. The Chamber of Commerce puts on this event. There are thirty -five pieces of art on Main Street and a few other streets in town. They will hold an auction later. One third will go to the artist and 1/3 will go to a charity of the Chamber of Commerce’s choosing. If you are in the Saugerties area, enjoy finding these around the village. Saugerties also has some antique shops and some nice family run restaurants. Stay safe !

Irish themed
Rather bookish

I think the scene on the butterfly ‘s wing is local Opus 40.
Click on the link below to see a map of where to find the butterflies in town.

16 thoughts on “Butterflies of Saugerties”

  1. I agree with Tokens, the selective use of color really works well here and it sounds a like fun way to spend part of a day. The other part of course is finding a nice place for lunch and watching the world drift by. jerry

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    1. Another post I will include that. There is a very small family restaurant I will make a post about hopefully later this week. I’m not a big food poster but when restaurants are struggling to survive in these times I feel compelled to go outside my normal postings.


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