Advertising Murals

You can find some interesting murals on the walls of buildings in New York City, but did you know some of them involve advertising? Here are a couple of advertising murals I found in Manhattan.

This one is advertising Canada Goose, which makes jackets. If I remember correctly, it is north of China Town.
This one advertises Gucci. It is in or near the NoHo neighborhood. NoHo stands for North of Houston Street. Incidentally, Houston Street is pronounced How-stun in NYC. This was viewable from Lafayette Street.

It is always fun to find new murals, even ones that advertise products. I find these a lot more interesting than bill boards. What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Advertising Murals”

  1. These are interesting murals, I love how murals bring art to otherwise dreary buildings. I especially like the Canada Goose artwork, the Gucci one is funny, (I like how the windows add to the look. There are many murals where I live, even the many graffiti taggers respect the murals.

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      1. I agree that some graffiti is art not just vandalism. I actually dislike advertisements but the ones you posted, are interesting, the first one especially i think is art. The murals where I live aren’t ads, they usually feature images of indigenous culture, urban culture, Latino culture, women’s empowerment etc, it’s very beautiful and political. You’ve inspired me to photograph them and post them. I grew up originally in Maryland, there were no murals there so when I came to the SF Bay Area I was amazed.

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