Meow Parlour NYC

Have you ever been in a coffee shop that shares its space with cats? Do you want to experience a relaxed setting where you can play with cats and kittens up for adoption? Perhaps your building does not allow animals and you want to spend time with a furry buddy. If any of this interests you head for Meow Parlour on Hester Street in Manhattan.

One of the younger kittens available for adoption.
How Does it Work?

Go to Meow Parlour at 46 Hester Street on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. They have a window where you will make your appointment. Then you head next door to the Macaron Parlor Patisserie featuring Harney and Sons tea, macaroons, scones, muffins, cookies and other baked goods. Order your food and sign the online form releasing responsibility in case you get scratched or bit. Then wait to be called. I only had to wait about 15-20 minutes. You can take your food with you when you hang with your feline friends.

When you return you take off your shoes. They have plenty of toys to tempt the cats with. There are areas in the store for cats to sleep in. There are sitting areas for the humans. When I visited there were some older kittens and younger ones as well as one cat that appeared to be full grown.

This gal is named Coffee Mate. She is in the window watching the action on the street.
They had boxes with see through tops and entrances shaped like cats that were used for cat naps.
Older kitten watching the humans at the window.

You pay on the way out. The cost is $8 for thirty minutes. This helps them pay their heating and electric costs for the premises.


The location is filled with cat related items for decoration and some for sale. There are books on the shelf you can sit and read while you spend time there, all about cats of course. There are children’s books such as The Cat in the Hat and others.

Cat decor

They also sell cat related items such as t-shirts.


Meow Parlour partners with the shelter Animal Care Centers of NY. The kittens and cats that are at this location are up for adoption. There are opportunities to foster as well.

For more information look here:

If you are looking to adopt, foster, or just spend time with a feline friend, travel to Meow Parlour. Its the cat’s meow.

30 thoughts on “Meow Parlour NYC”

  1. While the place doesn’t serve food or drinks, we did get out cats from a cat “lounge”. It is a place you can go hang out with cats. You can bring your own lunch/snack if you want. So far they have adopted out 450 cats!

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      1. Our cat “cafe” was only going to be a five month pop up but so many people really wanted it to be permanent. I closed down for a few months (or so) because they weren’t expecting to be open permanently and also to look for another place, but they didn’t find one and have been opened (again) since 2016. “Ours” is in San Jose, CA. I believe there is one in San Francisco and Oakland. I haven’t been to either. Some are NOT adoption places, they are just places that the cats live.

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      2. My husband works in an office that has two dogs. Everyone that works there that has a dog can bring their dog to work (as long as it can get along with the other dogs).

        The Dancing Cat in San Jose is a place where you can adopt the cats that are there. KitTea in San Francisco has residents AND adoptable cats. Cat Town in Oakland adopts out cats. I have read about other “Cat Cafes” that are not adoption facilitators and the cats just live there.

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      1. Yes, same premise, but when they started they took on the nomenclature “Cat Cafe” since that was the basic idea, but then some people were disappoint in that it wasn’t REALLY a “cafe” at all . . . so they started going by cat lounge, but now I think – not sure – they are trying to go by adoption lounge . . . but I could have that wrong because they also don’t want people to think it is a “high pressure” adoption place. It is really just a cool place to hang out with cats. (Sorry – such a long comment!)

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  2. It’s funny, I just found out about this place last week…they had a retail stand at a Bryant Park. Going with my daughter when she’s home for break. We went to a cat cafe on Clinton I think. So much fun

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