16 thoughts on “Tintagel”

  1. This is really helpful information, as a friend & I will be touring Cornwall late in May. Port Isaac and Tintagel are destinations, checking off both locations on my bucket list.
    Appreciate the link to Kennedy’s site!
    Many thanks,
    Sherry Cox

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  2. Tried walking the coastal route to Tintagel from Port Isaac after three days of rain. Needless to say, after more than three hours of hiking in rain and mud, I abandoned the coastal route in fear of my life! Walked through a farmer’s field for over an hour before finally making it to a country road. Lucky for me, I had a taxi cab number on me. He let me get in, muddy gear and all! 😂 Spent two lovely days recovering in Tintagel! Amazingly beautiful! 🥰

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