Northern Flicker

One does not have to walk far into the woods here to tell we have many woodpeckers. There are holes in a lot of trees. Many times they are just searching for bugs under the bark to eat. Sometimes it is to build a home. This woodpecker I saw near the Hudson River on one of my walks this week. A pair were flying tree to tree together and had a unique call. This woodpecker is the northern flicker.

Northern Flicker Woodpecker

You can listen to the call I heard here:

I am hoping this year to find some babies peaking out of a hole. I am sure they are born already. I have seen some adults bringing back food to tree holes, but no heads peaking out. I think by the time they do that the leaves are fully on the trees blocking our view. One can only hope I will some day get lucky. Have a great weekend! Go slow enjoy your holiday!

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