A Turkey Kind of Week

You can’t soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys.


I saw wild turkeys a few times this week. Once two were crossing a hiking trail in front of me. I got a few pictures of one of them and kept my distance. The other retreated to to woods area.

Stepped into a sunny spot. Lucky for me. This one kept putting out his tail feathers and bringing them back in. Maybe it was trying to attract a mate?

The other I wish I got a picture of, but realise it is good I did not try. I see wild turkeys along a highway leading south to NYC frequently. I saw one running on the shoulder like it was commuting with the rest of us on the road, just outside NYC. It would have made a funny shot. It was running like a bank robber in Manhattan. Yes, outside NYC cars can go highway speeds, but it is pretty much impossible inside Manhattan. I guess that fits in with other news of the week.

It is in the shade here.

Be careful who you spend your time with. Choose to be around those who lift you up and not bring you down. I think that explains the quote. Turkeys are probably used in the comparison because they spend so much time on the ground.

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