Animals at the Dutchess County Fair

What can you do besides eat and go on the carnival rides at the Dutchess County Fair? If you love animals you will find there are many events involving animals. Here are just a few .

4H Judging and Viewing

A cow awaiting judging

There are two arenas to watch the judging of animals. You can also walk around the areas where the farm animals are kept. In some cases you may be able to pet the animals.

The 4H children are eager to answer questions about their animals. They will demonstrate how they groom them.

4H Costume Contest with Cows

Saturday the children and their cows were called to the ring grouped by age. The winner of each age group will face the winners of the costume contests with other animals like chickens.

Scarecrow and hale bale.
Cows the milk truck.
Top Gun theme
Willy Wonka

Dock Dogs

Dock dogs has been an event at the fair for years. Dogs compete in different categories. In this event they were judged by how far they jumped chasing an object of the handlers choosing thrown into the pool. This event goes on multiple times during each day.

Some dogs are highly motivated experts.
This one is really focused on the toy.
Some are new to the event and had to be encouraged to jump into the pool after the object.

If you like animals, the fair just might interest you. These are just a few of the animal related attractions at the fair. The Dutchess County Fair is one of the largest county fairs in New York State, so there are plenty of things to see. Sunday, August 27, 2022 is the last day for the year. Otherwise consider it a destination next year.

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