Last Owlet Standing

The last man standing is the last person to be left doing something. It appears the other two owlets are hunting on their own. You only hear this owlet screech and boy does it screech loud. The owlets seem to make that noise when they are hungry. Many times I see the parents come by after they have screeched for a time period with food. It is still relying on the parents to feed it, so it’s the last one relying on the parents a lot for food. The parents are still bringing by insects and small animals to feed it. I have been worrying it seems to be taking this one longer than the others to hunt.

The most detailed picture I think I have gotten yet. If you look above the ph in photography on the owl you will see a bug hitching a ride.
It was looking around a lot, which looks like it is interested in catching something. These owls are usually in darker areas of the woods.

It is flying tree to tree, so that is a good sign. What do you think? Is it a late bloomer that needs more time or could it have an issue?

20 thoughts on “Last Owlet Standing”

  1. Great pics ! The Owls often lay their eggs several days apart so the first to hatch develop quicker. Watched a family of Screach Owls, three chicks, through their entire cycle. This guy is probably right on schedule 🙂

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    1. I hope so. He seems to be a few weeks behind the others. I know the first two were out of the tree hole either the same day or a day apart. Not sure when the third one made it out. They have been flying around the woods but mainly staying near each other previously. Do screech owls change tree holes? One pair here are visible from around Nov- March every year.


      1. I hope so too. I’m not sure if Mom and Dad hang around the same nesting site. The family I watched all moved on once the chick’s were flying. And the chicks all scatter from my understanding. The Dad picked the nest side and lured Mom there with a mouse.

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