Product Photography- Soap

Again I am trying something new. I am helping out a relative by taking some product photography shots. These are some of the ones I took.

Rose Soap
Oatmeal Lavender
Oatmeal Lavender Soap
Eucalyptus Lemon Soap
Citrus Cedar Sage

I have two favourite shots: the rose soap and the oatmeal lavender on wood. Do any of these catch your eye? I would like to know. It may help me improve.

35 thoughts on “Product Photography- Soap”

  1. Two favorites :
    Oatmeal lavender on wood
    2nd rose soap
    Eucalyptus lemon is nice too
    Did you try rose on wood?

    Without the labeling, the soap in last three shots can be mistaken for cheese!
    The little tub helps ID as soap
    Happy summer!

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  2. Your presentations are lovely here and would look great for selling the soap at a store. Yet I’d love to see the soap up close to see the grain and ingredients in the soap, with the soap surrounded by the ingredients, vs having the surface and the space around it as distractions. Just me, though. Other opinions may vary!*)

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  3. I like the first and second photos. Not that the others are bad. 😄 The miniature tub helps reinforce the product is soap (given the square edges). Try blurring the background with a depth of field change.

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    1. Thanks! I wanted to include the plant when I could. It helps identify it more readily or associate it like you say with the soap ingredients. I am actually going around and trying to find these plants locally and ones you would think you could buy you have to look far and wide for. Some I am ordering online. Lack of availability may be blamed on Covid like everything else.

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