Barred Owl on Low Branch

One evening last week I hiked on a trail and was taken aback by the fact I saw him not far from the trail on a low branch to a tree very close to me. I almost missed him. I backed up and took these pictures, then walked away. I think he was faking sleep because he appears to be in hunting mode.

He gives me the one eye from time to time. He never flew off while I was there.

He occasionally turned around in different directions to spy chipmunks, squirrels , etc. that were moving around nearby.

Before sunset light in the woods is tricky. You either get an owl that is too much in the shadows or one where parts of it and the background are too light. Someday I will learn photoshop so I can do photo stacking.

Get out and enjoy nature. It may take you by surprise.

13 thoughts on “Barred Owl on Low Branch”

  1. And its one-eyed look at you. Can hear it saying…..”Come on, move along, I’m working here. Sheeeshh. What’s a guy/gal got to do to get a little quiet time to hunt?” I sometimes wonder if the animals believe humans are more animal like, like themselves, as we think they are human like? jerry

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    1. This one is a little too vocal for his own good. He likes to hoot when people walk on the trail close to where is is perched. No one would know he was there if he did not do that. I think he scares the pants off people. Part of his personality? He usually does it when a group of people come and are talking.

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