Sleepy Snowy Owls

What do snowy owls do during the day? Most of the time by my observations they sleep or go between sleeping and waking up. A few times I have seen them fly to catch prey. The appear to be mostly sedentary during the day.

Owl after I arrived
Start of a yawn- owl before I left
Wide open mouth next to a log

I saw two different owls this day. This is the same owl when I arrived and before I left. I was there around 4 hours, but watching them maybe less than half of the time I was there. They appear to have remained in the same locations from the time I arrived until when I left. All the photographers seemed to be respectful and keep a distance.

Nature is fascinating. Enjoy it from a distance.

17 thoughts on “Sleepy Snowy Owls”

  1. These made me yawn! hehe
    ‘Our’ Snowy Owl is still chillin’ in Cambridge, Maryland. Instead of perching way out on the jetty in the Chester River, it is now being seen on different house roofs along the waterfront harbor. I’m thinking of taking that 1.5 hour drive…… πŸ™‚

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