Frank Memorial

Below is a speech I wrote for my father’s funeral. He passed in September. When I wrote it I just wanted to say something positive at the funeral and not have it be a totally sad occasion. I thought all this would sound corny, but a lot of people told me they liked it and asked me for copies of it. I think a funeral speech should be personal and not plagiarised from someone else. I feel you should write your own ideas and not copy another’s. I feel it might happen regardless unfortunately, so I might as well put it out there. I don’t claim to be a writer.

33 thoughts on “Frank Memorial”

      1. Well said my friend. Cooperation and respect of differences was in place, I think we realized that racism was wrong a generation ago, but msm fueled race wars, riots, constant crisis has divided us. I truly think it was intentional, false flag events to demoralize society. The Build back better motto is essentially “order out of chaos” which is on the US dollar bill.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely tribute to your dad! My father passed 7/5/21, I did not get an opportunity to say anything at his funeral, but I would not have known what to say, so that is probably good I was not asked. And, I am an extremely emotional person, so I would probably not have made it without crying my eyes out.

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    1. I can’t believe I was able to do it myself. I wanted to say something though and I wanted to be positive. I did not want his funeral to be all sadness. I met with the minister and asked specifically to speak for 5 minutes or less and said I wanted to have a message that was not sad. We heard a few times his death was coming. He did not do well with a normal procedure and a normal surgery. He had hospice so I guess we were prepared. I know though. A friend told me she never could have done this at her dad’s funeral. He had such a peaceful last few days. I think that helped.


  2. Frankly, wonderful. You not only had good things to say about your Dad, but, many good things. There are some I know who most would be hard pressed to say a good word about. He has left quite a legacy. Cheers. Allan

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