Assateague Horses

Where can you go to see wild horses and enjoy a beach at the same time? One place is Assateague Island in Maryland. The following pictures were taken early morning at Assateague State Park. This park is next to the Assateague Island National Seashore where there are also wild horses.

Being friendly or true love?
Watching over the new one
The friendly one

Two out of the three mornings I was there I saw horses at sunrise on the beach. They will wander through the campgrounds at the state park and national park. They say to keep a distance away from them as they are wild and can charge. I tried to keep a distance, but the one above kept getting close to me. He was good at posing for pictures.

Go some place different and experience something you have not experienced previously. It will enrich your life.

20 thoughts on “Assateague Horses”

    1. It is a great place. The state park has better camping conditions than the national park and is much harder to reserve a spot. The state park provides paved driveways to your area so a camper and a couple of cars can fit. I stayed on another person in the group’s site. They also have plenty of space in the unpaved areas to pitch tents, and they have fire rings. You do not have to have your own camper. There are many local places that rent campers and will have it set up waiting for you at your site. They remove it when your time is up.


  1. I was there a number of years ago and was lucky to witness the roundup and swim to the mainland. The local fire department, at least at the time I visited, managed the herd and had an annual auction to raise money for their care. It also helped to keep the numbers under control.

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  2. Here in North Carolina, we have wild horses on the Outer Banks, a reminder that Spanish explorers once ranged our coast. My wife and I plan to spot them on our next trip to the beach.

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