Same Nest New Year

Covid does not seem to have affected the eagles. Last year it meant less noise around the nest. The same may be the case this year as people are not out and about as in previous times. There are less cars on the roads.

Looking down at a passing truck.

The eagles have been taking turns egg sitting. Local estimates are 7-10 days. I’m hoping for good weather and that more activity falls during during my week off. Would be nice to get a good shot of an incoming fish. I did not have much luck with that last year. Stay safe everyone!

The spouse had a lot to say.

17 thoughts on “Same Nest New Year”

      1. Here in the UK we have eagles up in Scotland and they are protected I believe. But here in North East England we have falcons. Great little bird of prey. You see them hovering, just waiting to dive. Great to see.

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      2. We have hawks, peregrine falcons, the Bald eagle, and some golden eagles nearby. The peregrine here are hard for me to capture because of where they perch and how fast they fly. I was able to capture one at York Minster. The ones here nest under tall bridges or on cliffs.


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