Fish Creek Ponds Loons

Fish Creek Ponds is in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. It is near Upper Saranac Lake. These photos were taken from a kayak during a trip in August.

I saw the loons in the morning and afternoon of the same day on the same section of the pond. I only saw one parent and one child. The baby was always swimming close to the mother in August.
Looks both ways for boaters before crossing the pond.
Loon Fishing Technique
Dive under the water, pursue and catch a small fish.
Shake the small fish around in the water to attract a bigger fish……
and voila! You get a bigger fish.
This mother was still feeding the baby in August. The baby was attempting to find fish on its own as well.
The hand off.
The other babies I saw in July and August were smaller and had brownish colored feathers.

The baby loon was always close to the mother in August. I did not see a second parent around. I may post pictures from September another time. Loons are interesting birds to watch. Just remember keep a distance.

24 thoughts on “Fish Creek Ponds Loons”

    1. Thanks! They do an annual survey in the Adirondacks of NY in June. I hope I can take part next year. I notice they did not have some accessible lakes covered each year. NYS has a loon centre in Saranac Lake with a small museum/store. Loons have wonderful personalities. I saw the same pair in September. That might be in one of my next two posts. I love watching them.

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  1. These are amazing shots! It may be that the other babies didn’t make it and this was the lone survivor. Happens quite often with waterfowl as I’m sure you are aware. I can’t get over the photos you got of them feeding! That baby is about as cute as can be! 🙂

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      1. You are correct. They have 1-2 eggs, so that may have been the only one. I had to look it up and read more about it! We see maybe one here in the winter and never close enough to take a good photo. Pretty elusive for us. 🙂

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      2. Where do you live? The parent loons leave here soon. They leave the babies behind who have to by instinct get flying and fish on their own to survive . Once they get flying down they head south. The one on Fish Creek Ponds was further along then then other loon babies around in size. More mature.

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