Tale of Two Nests

A few decades ago there was only one nesting pair of eagles in the New York. Today there are close to 500. Environmental policies banning DDT enabled this increase.

This first nest is along a major commuting highway that takes many drivers to New York City. They allowed us in to work for a little while on one day so I stopped briefly on my return. These first pictures are taken from the shoulder of the highway.

When the leaves are off the trees this nest is viewable as you are traveling south on the highway. It is on land that juts out into a lake. Since one parent seems to linger a lot in the nest I assume there may be a young one.
One parent briefly joined the other on a nearby tree.
It is the other one’s turn to sit in the nest.

This second nest is next to the Hudson River south of me. If you are lucky as I was today you will catch one of the eagles on a tree near the hiking trail in the woods as I did. The nest is too far away and more protected for some reason than the other nests are that are in parklands.

This pair’s nest is a few miles south of me next tot the Hudson River. You can not get near the nest, but I was able to see them perched on a tree together briefly near a hiking trail. They did not leave the nest unattended for long, so I assume this nest may have young ones as well.
This one was vocal.

It is good to see the population thriving in recent years. The Hudson River seems to draw them to build their nests. If the weather is nice next weekend I hope to see another local nest I have heard about. Stay safe and stay healthy.

6 thoughts on “Tale of Two Nests”

    1. We are so lucky here as these two are on park land and are accessible to some extent to the public. No problem puling off to the shoulder on the first one. The second nest you can see from a walking trail, but from a distance. I have been bringing my camera along on hikes hoping to catch one diving for a fish in the river or on a tree closer to the trail like this time. I have found you have to have a lot of time usually. There is one nest I follow because there is more open space in front of it. After they have the eaglets you need to be there for a few hours to get the best chance at a shot. You may see a parent bringing in a fish or a squirrel. I have passed that first nest several times, but have not seen a bird on it when I could stop until this time. In another week or so I will loss my opportunity when the leaves come back in full.

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