Self Isolating- Backyard Wildlife

Name the Critter

Very colorful bird that came in a group.
This guy came in and left and I did not see him again.
It looks like he has yellow eyebrows. When the cardinals and jays were afraid to be around he just hung out unfazed by it all.
A group of these hung out near the ground a lot. I was kind of surprised with all the interested cats in the area.
They trapped and released elsewhere these animals, but did not get all of them.
This one and his family live inside a tree, which is a smart idea given hawks and eagles fly over. I have seen eagles fly to their nests with these animals.
I find it hard to capture the male and female. As soon as they see me at the window they fly off.

I am working from home. I am happy to still have a job. I wish I could be out walking, but the weather has not cooperated anyways. Stay safe and stay happy everyone!

21 thoughts on “Self Isolating- Backyard Wildlife”

  1. These are such charming photos of your visitors. We have some of the same in our garden that come to the bird feeder. Squirrels come to for what the birds drop and our little dog looks out the window and growls at them. 🤣

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      1. Oh that’s too bad. We once had a cage feeder that was supposed to be squirrel proof and somehow an adult squeezed himself through the small square metal holes. Frank had to take it apart. We still have remnants of it on our poles today. Squirrels are crazy!

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