Green Man- Washington D.C.

Where can you find Green Men grotesques in Washington, D.C.? They aren’t on a church. The building is apropos though. Can you guess where?

Once I get started on something sometimes I can not stop. I had a long weekend, so I decided to drive down to D.C. to see some things I have wanted to see for a while. One thing I searched for were some more Green Men. I found two Green Men and one Green Lady on the U.S. Botanical Gardens building in Washington D.C.

Like the ones in New York City, this one has a leaf forehead.

The one above has plants around his face as most if not all green men have. However, it has a plant mustache and beard. It also appears to have horns, unless someone has a better idea about what plant that may represent. His expression is more jovial.

The one above is more serious. Could that be cat-tails coming out of his head?

Green Lady

I think this is the first Green Lady I have seen in person. She has a human face that is surrounded by plants. It is more like she is wearing plants about her face and head. It appears she is wearing a crown on her head.

Can you find a Green Man or Green Lady near you? One may exist and you may not even be aware.

12 thoughts on “Green Man- Washington D.C.”

    1. There are some things that most Green Men have: foliage around the head. Sometimes others have things that are not typical but can be seen in some like the plant mustache. By the way when I click on you Word Press does not take me to your page, so I can’t view any of your posts. If you have a wordpress site you may want to mention that to them.


  1. Thank you so much for all these wonderful photos of Green Men. I just love them! There are quite a few buildings in my city of Worcester, Massachusetts with notable Green Men. Possibly the best are on the Burnside and Park Plaza Buildings both on Main Street, but I think my favorite is a very small one that is hardly noticeable embedded in the brick facade of the old Oddfellows Hall on Pleasant Street.

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