When you think of Scotland what comes to mind? One of your first thoughts may be bagpipers. On my recent trip into Scotland I saw a few playing on the streets of Edinburgh.

This bagpiper is in a modern band, the Spinning Blowfish. They were playing near Prince Street in Edinburgh and selling their CDs.
This man was demonstrating the bagpipes for some students from Asia at the University of Edinburgh.
This man was playing near the National Museum of Scotland.
This man was piping on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. We seemed to find at least one everyday on the Royal Mile closer to Edinburgh Castle.
Another one on the Royal Mile

It appears they play for tourists. Many spectators donate a pound as they play. The kilts may represent a pipe band they are in or their clan.

It is a treat to hear the sounds associated with Scotland. What’s more iconic to Scotland than pipers? Thanks to the pipers for performing on the street! It makes our trips more enjoyable.

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