Self- Isolating in the Wild Fox Hunting

I went to hunt eagles, not literally. I am an eagle fan or eagle paparazzi. I like trying to capture any animal that is not dangerous to try to capture with my camera. I went after working at home to try to catch the eagles. It was a gloomy, gray day with not an optimal amount of light. On my way into the park, I caught sight of a fox.

The eagle watching did not pan out. After a little while I decided to leave, when low and behold on the way out I saw the fox again at a distance near the outside edge of the park. He was very interested in this deer. He was also very interested in seeing what I was doing.

Do fox eat deer? It appeared he was. He took a bit that could have been his entrails and ran off into the woods. Did you know fox would eat a deer? I certainly did not. It appears they may go after a live fawn, but otherwise they would eat on a deer carcass.

19 thoughts on “Self- Isolating in the Wild Fox Hunting”

    1. Oddly, I have mostly seen them along busy highways in N.Y. usually on a long commute. Not a good time to stop to get a photo. This guy was more than obliging. He seemed as interested in me as I was of him. We both showed interest from a distance. Not great light as it was maybe an hour or so until sunset and cloudy.

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  1. thats one animal we do not have on Vancouver island. Foxes like just about every animal out there would eat a Deer carcass. Cougars would not as they only eat what they kill. I’ve often wondered If a Cougar was really hungry would it eat carrion?

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      1. I see. Next time you come across any carrion look around for any areas close by with muddy or soft ground. You’ll probably find tracks. Put a coin down for sizing beside the best print and photograph for ID later on.
        Also,look around to see If there are any game trails close by?
        Finally,If your so inclined,you can also put a trail camera up to see who’s dropping in for dinner?

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      2. yes,good idea Sharon. Those game trails I mentioned,are where you want to place it. Game trails are the roads wildlife use to get around. A human cannot walk along them freely as we are too tall. So push yourself through some with thick gloves on and older clothing you don’t mind being ripped or torn. Than find a water source and thats where you place your trail camera! Every animal needs water and by putting your camera further back nobody will see it.


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